Сервис корректуры данных TADS (SENC/ENC/AIO)

Обновлено: 19 июля, 2018

Это картографическая библиотека, включающая все новые данные, отсутствующие в новых картах коллекции "TADS Collection Week 22 WF80 DVD 1-2" в новых изданиях карт и откорректированных картах.

Библиотека упакована как многотомный самораскрывающийся архив. Перед тем как загрузить карты в Chart Assistant, вам надо запустить архив и извлечь их.


(для карт, установленных из TADS AIO, ENC, SENC & TGT Collection week 22 WF80 DVD 1-2)

How to use the official chart corrections

These files contain the latest corrections for official electronic navigational charts distributed by Transas. The corrections are applicable only to the charts contained on DVD-ROM marked "TADS Collection Week 22 WF80". All changes with the TADS charts collection can be found here:

The "Updates weekNN_YYYY.xls" file is a list of all the changes as compared to contents of "TADS Collection Week 22 WF80" Base issue; the "Replacements for Cancelled cells.xls" file is a list of canceled or replaced cells from the TADS charts collection; the "Withdrawn cells.xls" file is a list of cells which have been temporarily taken out of the TADS service.

Transas SENC chart corrections are shipped as a SENC Update Issue in the Transas SENC format. The SENC Update issue is a set of already updated charts packed in a Update29_WF80.clb library. The files are packed to ZIP archive so you need to unzip archives before using of the library.

When SENC Update Issue extraction is complete, a SENC library named Update29_WF80.clb is created in the current directory. This library contains charts already updated, so you do not need to apply S-57 corrections to update your SENC collection. The use of the SENC Update Issue will save time necessary for installing chart corrections.

Installation of chart corrections

The downloaded SENC data can be installed by means of "Navi-Planner" (or "Chart Assistant") utility.

1. Run Navi-Planner and select the "Charts" button (select "SENC" option for Chart Assistant).

2. To install chart corrections shipped in SENC Update Issue, click on the "Select Installation Source" button and specify the path to the directory where you have saved the file "Update29_WF80.clb" and press the "Go" button. The "Source scan completed" window which will open up, will display all the possible operations accessible from the scanned source. Specify the necessary action. (for Chart Assistant: click on a "Scan Disc"; specify the path to the directory; click on "Install" button).